It pays to do an MBA in Australia

It pays to do an MBA in Australia

Australian MBA graduates are amongst the world’s best paid according to a QS Top MBA report.

They have the highest salaries of the Asia-Pacific region, and the second highest salaries ($115,600) in the world, just below Switzerland graduates.

MBA graduates from La Trobe University earn the third highest salaries ($110,000) in Australia, after the University of Queensland and Melbourne Business School.

Metals and mining, followed by energy, are the best-paying industries in the country.

According to the report, MBA graduates from Australian universities have high salaries because of the ‘strong demand for MBAs amongst multinational employers across Asia and the strength of Australian business schools in recruiting and placing Asian candidates throughout the region’.

Employment on the rise 963

Having an MBA doesn’t just mean earning big bucks, it also means great employment prospects.

The Graduate Management Council polled employers from around the world, and 72% of them expected to hire MBA graduates this year, compared to 69% last year.

Employers worldwide believe that hiring a candidate with an MBA creates value for their companies and a majority of those say that recruiting business school graduates is a priority in their hiring plans.

A recession-proof degree

The QS report shows that the MBA qualification has proven to be probably the most recession-proof postgraduate degree. Over the last few years, MBA graduates have been successfully finding well-paid jobs in diverse sectors all around the world.

The report mentions three reasons why the future looks so bright for MBA graduates:

1- The flexibility of the MBA allows professionals to make major career changes in terms of industry or function. The degree is also well-known globally, allowing people to relocate around the world.

2- The MBA is an accelerator for career progression for aspiring business leaders.

3- The degree produces entrepreneurs who end up recruiting MBA graduates for their own business.

‘It is one of the best-known degrees in the world, with more people taking it than any other postgraduate course. Deciding to take an MBA is a crucial step in an individual’s career,’ states the report. And according to the numbers, it’s a step that pays off.

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