Future-proof your career with these job-ready skills

Future-proof your career with these job-ready skills

Finding out exactly what employers are looking for isn’t easy. Do you rely on what your social network tells you, or what you read on industry websites and forums? Here’s a tip – hearing directly from people hiring can help you truly future-proof your career.

What skills are Australian employers actually looking for?

LinkedIn recently analysed over a billion points of hiring and recruitment data to pinpoint exactly what employers are looking for, and what it takes to land a job. With over 100 million members in the Asia Pacific region and 450 members globally, they’re well placed to predict what skills will be in high demand come 2017. Covering both local and international job markets, they’ve narrowed it down to a sub-set of highly sought after skills, both desirable and scarce in professional candidates.

The list reveals several insights about the Australian job market. So we’ve zeroed-in on the most important trends for local job-seekers:

We live in a data-driven world

Employers increasingly need employees who can leverage big data for competitive advantage. Statistics and data wrangling skills are highly sought after across multiple industry sectors because they’re at the cutting edge of technology.

Pro-tips: Develop your intellectual curiosity and work on your business hustle. You’ll be using your STEM skills to transform a business so gaining knowledge of the industry you’re interested in is mission critical. Solid communication skills are also useful as you’ll often work alongside sales and marketing teams, arming them with quantified insights. Data scientists tend to be well educated, so a post-grad in Data Science or Business Analytics should hold you in good stead.

The rise of the technical marketer

Search engine marketing isn’t just about getting your website found anymore – it’s about attracting customers using sophisticated digital marketing techniques that cut through the white noise online. As such, the demand for SEO expertise is growing – almost as rapidly as Google’s search algorithm evolves.

Pro-tips: Providing value to the end-user is key. In-bound marketing and content creation skills, analytics and technical competencies, such as programming and development, will make you an invaluable team player. Kick start your marketing career with our Marketing courses.

Cybersecurity is on the upswing

With the rise of cloud-computing, big data and the Internet of Things, security breaches (and the negative publicity that accompanies them) have become increasingly common, which means network and information security skills are steadily rising up the ranks. As companies wake up to the risks that are out there, it’s incumbent upon employers to hire professionals who can pro-actively prevent such attacks. Find out more about our Master of Cybersecurity.


Future proof your career with a new skill

Don’t forget about ‘soft skills’

Core technical competencies are certainly important but if you want to stand out from the pack in this competitive job market, be sure to work on relationship oriented skills that will enhance your leadership, collaborative, innovation and interpersonal abilities – such as empathy, problem-solving and creativity.

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