Five things to consider before you study in Australia

Five things to consider before you study in Australia

If you’re thinking about studying in Australia, you’ve probably looked at a few other countries as well. There are many factors to consider: which country offers the best education options? What about the best lifestyle? And, of course, the big one – which country is the most affordable?

We’ve done some research and compiled five of the top things to consider before joining us at La Trobe University in Australia.

1. Accommodation is affordable

When you think about affordability, your first consideration is probably finding a place to live.

Here’s the good news: whether you’re living on-campus or renting off-campus accommodation, studying in Australia means you’ll benefit from great accommodation costs.

Rental costs will vary depending on where you study – you’ll find cheaper accommodation in regional cities than in major urban areas. Living in a two-bedroom unit near La Trobe’s Melbourne Campus in Bundoora could cost you between A$330 and A$360 a week, but you might only pay between A$200 and A$250 a week to live in a two-bedroom unit near our regional campuses in Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga or Mildura.

Compare that to estimates that a one-bedroom apartment in a built-up city in the United States could cost you more than A$1 000 every single week.1

2. A world-famous food culture

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the simple things in life. Good company, good weather and good food… In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have them all.

From Melbourne’s fine dining and thriving alleyway culture to restaurants in regional cities like Bendigo – recently designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy – you’ll always be able to find a meal rivalling anything you could find anywhere else in the world.

For an average cost of just A$80, you can stock up with your weekly grocery shop. Compare that to the United States or the United Kingdom, where you could be paying up to A$90–A$100 for groceries every week.2 Over the course of a year, that difference really adds up.

3. Public transport makes travelling easy

You’ve probably seen photos of Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station. And if you’ve done some research, you might know we have the largest operational tram network in the world.

But until you’ve experienced it for yourself, you can’t appreciate just how great Melbourne’s public transport network really is.

Looking for a day out at the beach? Take the train to Brighton or Williamstown. Want a taste of a uniquely Australian lifestyle? Get on the V/Line to explore the culture and history of Victoria’s regional cities. If you’re lucky enough to be live and study at one of our regional campuses, getting to Melbourne via V/Line is just as easy.

La Trobe’s Melbourne Campus, located in in the northern hub of Bundoora, has its own tram and bus stops, so there’s always at least one way to get to uni.

It’s also cost-effective: international students in Victoria can save over A$870 per year, thanks to a 50 per cent discount on public transport costs.

4. You’re joining a safe and welcoming community

From our cosmopolitan capital cities to our multicultural regional hubs, Australia has a long history of welcoming people from around the world.

Here at La Trobe, we make sure you’re a part of our campus community, no matter where you are or what you’re studying. Our International Student Services team is here to help you with academic, social, financial and cultural issues.

We also make your wellbeing our top priority, with a wide range of on-campus safety and security measures. So if you ever find yourself working late, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is putting the finishing touches on your assignment.

5. You’ll access a leading education

In the end, you’ll be travelling to Australia for one key reason: to study.

You want a degree where you’ll learn from expert academics, develop knowledge and skills that can be put practice through work experience opportunities. And you want your degree to be recognised in Australia and around the world, so it can help your career wherever you go.

That’s why La Trobe is a great choice for you. We’re ranked in the top 1 per cent of universities worldwide3, and our partnerships with international institutions and industries provide you with a truly global education.

With affordable living, multicultural communities and world-class education opportunities, Australia is the standout choice when it comes to overseas learning – and studying at La Trobe offers you an Australian experience like no other.

Find out more information about studying at La Trobe as an international student.  

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