Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

La Trobe archaeologists unearth surprises for National Archaeology Week.

When you picture an archaeologist in action, what do you see? Box office blockbusters serve up visions of heroes vaulting over ancient tombs, precious artefacts in one hand, evading ancient curses and malevolent grave robbers in style.

While the world of archaeology in the media is certainly heart-pounding, the study of archaeology in real life is no less lacking in intrigue.

Unearthing the secrets of human history

As one of the world’s top-ranked archaeology departments (#3 in Australia and #38 internationally), La Trobe has a rich and storied history in this field. Our experts conduct research in places with evocative names like the Cradle of Humankind. We explore our ancient human origins, the history of modern migration and climate change.

Closer to home, you’ll find us helping to preserve our Indigenous cultural heritage in places like Budj Bim and the Flinders Ranges, or unearthing the secrets of the city for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project. The breadth of research is just as fascinating, from why most people are right-handed to the mystery of the Japanese submarine sunk in Sydney Harbour.

Spilling the dirt for National Archaeology Week

In celebration of Australia’s rich archaeological and cultural history, our scholars, students and La Trobe alumni will be sharing insights into some of the projects they’ve been working on for National Archaeology Week. This week-long event provides people with the opportunity to meet real archaeologists, attend lectures and workshops, join digs and more.

Here are some of the special events our own archaeological adventurers are hosting:

Pint of Archaeology | 21 May, The Alderman, 6-8pm

  • The brothels and sly grog shops of Melbourne’s CBD (Christopher Biagi)
  • 20,000+ years of life along the Murray River (Jillian Garvey)
  • Constructing the paleoclimate record, Lake Mungo (Maddison Crombie)
  • Multicultural interdependency in the history of early-Melbourne (Annette Millar)

Pint of Science – If these genes could talk | 21 May, Carlton Brewhouse

  • What can prehistoric DNA tell us? (Dr Cristina Valdiosera)

La Trobe alumnus Dr David Thomas explores the mystery behind the Minaret of Jam | 21 May, Islamic Museum of Australia

Under your feet: The past as your pathway to the future | 22 May, Melbourne Museum, 6-8pm, featuring Caroline Spry and alumni David Crotty, Sarah Hayes and Geoff Hewitt.

Archaeology Roadshow | 25 May, Melbourne Museum, 10-3pm, featuring Charles La Trobe Professor of Archaeology, Tim Murray.

  • Found something in the attic or dug something up in the garden? Bring in your archaeological finds and the experts will aim to shed some light on them!

If you’re keen to get your hands dirty and travel back through time, apply to study Archaeology at La Trobe.

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