Action plan for women in leadership

Action plan for women in leadership

In times of change and uncertainty, authentic leadership is pivotal. La Trobe Business School Manager Donna Burnett understands the importance of being a dependable leader and doing it with self-respect.

There’s an abundance of leadership programs that promote women owning their role as strong leaders. As a veteran of these sessions, Donna’s put together what she’s learned and created an action plan.

‘Being able to create my own activation pathway has forced me out of my comfort zone. It’s made me rethink what is important (and what is not), but most of all what I can do as a leader and what I want to be doing moving forward,’ says Donna.

Here are her important points for women in leadership:

  • Ask for what you want if you think it is right.
  • Ask for help.
  • When people don’t agree with you, keep talking.
  • Do your homework.
  • Say yes to every opportunity.
  • Be patient, bold and savvy.
  • Empower others to make the decision.
  • Have faith in yourself – believe in your capabilities.
  • Get someone in your corner to support and champion you.
  • Be consistent.
  • Don’t let adversity define you – acknowledge it.
  • Get the timing right. Don’t react. Stop, think, reflect.
  • Own your own career and make connections.
  • Be realistic, don’t try to obtain the unattainable.
  • The biggest risk is not taking a risk.
  • If you have an authentic interest in someone, engage with them.
  • Be conscious of how you make others feel.
  • Prepare for difficult conversations.
  • Listen to the wisdom of others.
  • Wear a ‘s*** shield’ to bounce off the negativity.
  • Take your shoes off – you can’t walk a mile in someone else’s shoes if you still have yours on.

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