5 tips to bring your LinkedIn student profile to the next level

5 tips to bring your LinkedIn student profile to the next level

Conventional wisdom has it that 80 per cent of jobs are never advertised. With that in mind, having a professional online presence and building connections early is a no-brainer.

We’ve written about why it’s important for students to be on LinkedIn: to take control of your personal brand, make connections, build influence and learn about your industry. Now, we’ll give you five tips to bring your profile to the next level.

1. Choose a professional photo

Profiles with photos get 14 times more views on LinkedIn. Some recruiters won’t even consider your profile if you don’t have a photo because it gives the impression that you don’t care. Choose a recent headshot with a neutral background.

2. Write a catchy headline and summary

The headline is your chance to tell who you are and what you’re looking for. Try something like: ‘Marketing student seeking a social media internship’ or ‘Health management student aspiring to be a leader in health’. Get into more details in the summary, but keep it short and punchy. Avoid overused clichés like the words ‘motivated’ and ‘passionate’. LinkedIn profiles are searchable, so think about using the right keywords for your industry.

3. Experience is more than just work

Any relevant work experience, internship and volunteer work should be the first things you list. But also add other information that will make you stand out like your education, the classes you took, the languages you speak, your certifications, etc.  Ask your connections to endorse your skills and write you recommendations. Your profile will get 13 times more views if you include skills.

Draw attention to your LinkedIn profile by asking your network to endorse your skills.

4. Show your knowledge and interest

Build influence by repurposing your essays into blogposts, writing about your projects, posting interesting articles and commenting on topics relevant to your industry. Interact with your connections, LinkedIn is not just an online resume; it’s a professional social network.

5. Connect the right way

Connect with your teachers, classmates and colleagues. Take the time to write a short personalised messages when you add a new connection. You can request an introduction to a new connection if you have someone in common. Use the alumni tool to search for graduates from your uni who have your dream job.  Get in touch with them to get advice.

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