Unique courses

Unique courses
Unique courses

We offer three tailored programs in nanotechnology at the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus:

  • Bachelor of Nanotechnology / Bachelor of Science (accelerated 4 year double degree)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) / Master of Nanotechnology (accelerated 5 year double degree)
  • Master of Nanotechnology (2 year coursework degree).

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Key features 

Our courses offer six specialist streams in nanotechnology:

  1. nanochemistry
  2. scanning probe microscopies
  3. imaging and materials characterisation
  4. synchrotron science and technology
  5. nanomaterials and fabrication
  6. sensors and devices.

Students will also have access to:

  • La Trobe‚Äôs Synchrotron program
  • industry experience programs.

Inter-disciplinary education 

We place a strong emphasis on the underpinning disciplines of physics, chemistry and biochemistry. Students also take selected mathematics, biology and elective units.

Our nanotechnology degree programs provide a broad education in disciplines that will underpin science and technology, in particular nanotechnology, in the coming years. Our course structures provide full coverage of subject areas, avoiding the compromises of shorter niche degrees where the supporting sciences are reduced to include nanotechnology units.

The La Trobe experience

Our science classes are generally quite small, providing an opportunity to get to know your fellow students and lecturers. Academic staff provide personal assistance to students through tutorials, laboratory classes and by appointment outside formal class times.Our nanotechnology student community crosses year levels through the common Issues in Nanotechnology course and common facilities.

Our course has a 'hands-on science' focus with a strong emphasis on practical skills and practical experience. The hands-on theme continues with an opportunity for real research laboratory experience in the major nanotechnology project in the final year.