Past presentations

Graeme Nyberg, Department of Chemistry, La Trobe University 
An introduction to nanotechnology

Andrew Peele, Department of Physics, La Trobe University 
X-ray lithography: Bridging nano, micro and the real world

Terry Turney, CSIRO Nanotechnology Program 
Nanotechnology in nature

Karl Poetter, Genera Biosystems, WEHI Biotechnology Centre 
Quantum Dots: photonic properties and commercial applications of semiconductor nanocrystals

John Boldeman, Australian Synchrotron Project 
An introduction to the Australian Synchrotron Project

Wendy Mee, School of Social Studies, La Trobe University 
Community perceptions of nanotechnologies

Bob Irving, Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd
Nanotechnology in Victorian industry - what is happening now, what is emerging and what is realistically in prospect

Jason Hayes, MiniFab Ltd
Micro and nanofabrication technologies at MiniFab

Keith Nugent, University of Melbourne
Novel X-ray imaging techniques for the life sciences in the 21st century

Tim Davis, CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology

Brian Usher, Department of Electronic Engineering, La Trobe University
Contemporary compound semiconductors: nanometre scale materials engineering

Anton Tadich, Department of Physics, La Trobe University
An introduction to the Australian Synchrotron

Larry Jordan, Nanotechnology Victoria
Nano-structured surfaces

Jose Varghese, CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies, Parkville
Developing anti-virals against influenza

Peter Kappen, Centre for Materials and Surface Science, La Trobe University
X-ray absorption spectroscopies using synchrotron light

Barry Halstead, Department of Physics, La Trobe University
Carbon Nanotubes: From Production to Incorporation in Composites

Olga Koulaeva, Micronisers Ltd, Victoria
Micronisers – creating nanoscale particles for industry

Brant Gibson, The Innovation Group / Asylum Research
Scanning Probe Microscopy and Carbon Nanotubes

Calum Drummond, CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies
Commercialising world leading Australian science and engineering: CAP-XX Supercapacitors

Chris Jacobsen, State University of New York, USA
Nanofabrication of x-ray zone plate optics, and resolution limits of x-ray optics

Michelle Spencer, Applied Physics, RMIT University
Molecular Modelling on the Nanometre Scale

John Riley, Centre for Materials and Surface Science, La Trobe University
Photoelectron Spectroscopy: examining electrons in materials

Clive Davenport, Small Technologies Cluster, Victoria
Creating nanotechnology-based economic impact

Michelle Critchley, CSIRO Manufacturing and Materials Technology
Bionanotechnology and new drug delivery systems

Tina Rankovic, Australian Nano Business Forum
An overview of nanotechnology businesses in Australia

Jack Singh, Centre for Technology Infusion, La Trobe University
Nanoelectronics and NEMS in wireless technology

Karl Poetter, Genera Biosystems
Micro-resonators in detection systems

Paul Mulvaney, School of Chemistry, Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne
Nanocrystals - bucket chemistry, nanotechnology or both?

Paul Pigram, Department of Physics, La Trobe University
ToF-SIMS and detection of oligonucleotides at surfaces

Graeme Rathbone, Department of Electronic Engineering, La Trobe University
Nanotechnology in neuro-engineering

Marilyn Anderson, Department of Biochemistry, La Trobe University
Defensins: proteins that trigger death for fungal diseases

Dewetia Latti, Greg Wilkie, Andrea O’Bryan, Rio Tinto Technology and Innovation, La Trobe R&D Park
Nanotechnology at Rio Tinto

Barry Halstead & David Piper, Department of Physics, La Trobe University
Ethics and Regulation of Risk in Nanotechnology

Mike Hammer, Varian Australia
The Nature of Innovation

Karl Föger, Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
Nanotechnology in Fuel Cells

David Owen, Starpharma Pty Ltd
An overview of Starpharma’s activities

Micah Atkin, MycroLab Pty Ltd
Microfluidics and Commercialisation

James Friend, Micro/Nanophysics Research Laboratory, Monash University