Student profile

Daniel Langley

Course of study:
Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Master of Nanotechnology

Currently undertaking PhD studies in Europe - International Doctoral School of Functional Materials
Université de Liège - Belgium
Grenoble INP - France

The La Trobe science community is definitely world class. Having visited research labs in several countries and having worked in France and Belgium, I truly appreciate the quality of the education I have received.

Throughout my studies at La Trobe I have found the best approach is to take any opportunity offered to me.

I participated in the La Trobe Industry Cadetship Program, spending a year at MiniFAB where I worked as a project engineer. The cadetship provided me with confidence and background knowledge in many fields and I could see how the things I was learning at university could be applied in the ‘real world’.

I also took part in the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation winter school and attended the Nano Tech 2008 Exhibition and Conference in Japan.

The volunteer programs I was involved in, including the In2science Program, taught me a lot about myself and about communication. I count them as some of the most valuable experiences of my time at La Trobe.

My beamtime at the Australian Synchrotron would have to be my career highlight so far - the frenetic nature of that environment and the charge of performing experiments that can only be done in a few places worldwide is quite exhilarating. You really feel like you are on the cutting edge of science.

Currently I am undertaking my PhD in France and Belgium. I have been able to use the skills and techniques I learnt at La Trobe to establish an interesting and ongoing research program that is truly international.

It has been a pleasure to undertake my undergraduate and postgraduate work at La Trobe and I value the connections that have enabled me to continue part of my PhD studies here as well.