Your student ID card = your ticket to the Library

It’s the shiny fresh card with a little grainy photo that can often be a questionable representation of your appearance. That’s right, it’s your student ID card!

This week, MyLaTrobe met a fifth year student who’d never acquired a student ID card. We repeat, a fifth year. He’d had trouble proving his ID in exams, and to be honest, we don’t know how he ever borrowed a book.

So here’s a quick explainer on why your student ID card will be your own personal key to the Library.

Use your student card to borrow books, print, scan, access rooms, and so people know you are who you say you are at exams. Plus, great discounts!

How to get your student ID card

If you’re new to La Trobe (or an existing student who never got around to it) you can order your student ID card online.