Your LANTITE day questions answered by our Education PLAs! Part 3

LANTITE is the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education. The successful completion of LANTITE is a condition of graduation from all Initial Teacher Education degrees at La Trobe.

For information about remote proctoring, visit the ACER website.

After all your hard work gathering materials and studying for LANTITE, you might be wondering what to expect on the test day itself. Our Education Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) have shared their experiences, to help you plan for success!

Should I take the literacy and numeracy tests on the same day, or separately?

Note: The La Trobe School of Education recommends sitting in separate testing windows.

Olivia: I sat the two tests in separate windows as I feel that was the best for me. I recommend starting with the one you are the most confident with.

Hannah: I did take the tests on the same day. I know it isn’t particularly recommended, but being from Mildura, we don’t get a lot of testing windows locally. So, for myself it was a matter of convenience to do them on the same day. There was a significant two- to three-hour gap between the tests though which I felt was enough to recharge and refocus on the next component.

How can I manage my time during the test?

Hannah: Set time limits for yourself. Tell yourself that you want to move on to the next section/question by a certain time and stick to it.

Clayton: Don’t worry if others finish and leave the room while you are still completing your test. This does not mean you have failed or are slow in answering the questions. Don’t try to rush the exam as slow and steady and double-checking your answers always wins the race!

What test-taking strategies can I use?


  • Never leave a question blank. Always guess if you run out of time.
  • If you get stuck on a question, write it down, keep going and come back to it.
  • For literacy, a strategy I found helpful was to skim read some of the text, then read the question. Then go back and skim read the entire thing.
  • Always read all the information on the page, as I found both tests have a lot of ‘trick’ questions.

What else can I do to make sure I’m at my best on the day?


  • Eat something at least an hour before you go in! Not just a snack, but a proper breakfast/lunch. The worst thing is sitting in a test room and starting to feel hungry, you cannot focus or think when you are hungry!
  • Try to get a good night sleep each night for at least a week leading up to the test. You cannot catch up on sleep after one night, especially if your body has gotten used to staying up all hours of the night. Try to break that pattern well before the test.
  • While in the test, try not to look at other people. I often find that if you see others typing profusely or not typing at all, it will make you think you’re doing something wrong. Avoid looking at or worrying about what anyone else is doing. This is your test, and you need to focus.

Any other words of wisdom?

Clayton: Confidence is vital to success in any exam especially the LANTITE tests. Make sure you are confident and ready to complete both tests before sitting each as it is fundamentally important and will ensure you lead to success.

For extra LANTITE study tips, book an appointment with the Learning Hub staff year-round, or drop-in via Zoom to talk with a PLA during the Semester. You can access help via the Learning Hub LMS.