Women’s Safe Place

La Trobe University recognises that women experience suppression in all settings across their lifespan, so it is practically and symbolically important for women to have their own space where they are free, encouraged and enabled to speak and be heard without fear of judgment or intimidation. In recognition of this, Safer Community is creating a safe place for women in all their diversity to feel physically and emotionally secure. Having a women-focused environment opens a comfortable space to start intimate, important conversations that might not otherwise happen. La Trobe University acknowledges that trans and gender-diverse people also experience discrimination on the basis of their gender, both staff and students can access specific LGBTIQA+ including counselling, groups and spaces.

The Women’s Safe Place will be a space where women who are part of the La Trobe community (staff and students) are protected from bodily harm, including sexual violence, and will enable women to freely and openly express themselves in a confidential environment.

In entering the Women’s Safe Place students will find information and support about services that provide support to women.  La Trobe University has also partnered with Share the Dignity to ensure that all products specific to women’s hygiene (including tampons and pads) will be available at no cost for women in need. 

Information and support available within the Women’s Safe Space covers topics such as:

  • sexual health and contraception;
  • women’s health;
  • counselling options;
  • childcare;
  • drugs, alcohol, and/or gambling;
  • relationships;
  • domestic and family violence;
  • sexual violence;
  • adjusting to life at university;
  • stress management.

Currently women can access the Women’s Safe Place at Bundoora campus HU3-105 and Bendigo campus ARTS-212, with efforts being made to roll out at all regional campuses in 2022. 

If you would like to support this initiative, you can donate unopened packets of period products (including tampons or pads) to Safer Community at one of the donation sites:

  • Bundoora: Student Health and Wellbeing Resource Centre, Peribolos East Building, Level 1 (10am to 4pm).
  • Bendigo: Student Health and Wellbeing Reception, Student Services Centre.

If you would like to know more about the Women’s Safe Place or if you think you have experienced any problem behaviour, or you know someone who has, you can contact Safer Community.

Call Safer Community on 03 9479 8988

Email the Safer Community team

Complete an online report via our website

Visit us in person at Bundoora PE level 2 or Bendigo SSC

Not sure if Safer Community covers your issue? Get in touch for a consult or check out the Safer Community website for information. 

Please note: Safer Community is not an emergency or critical response service, and reports, emails and voicemails are not reviewed outside of operating hours. For afterhours assistance please contact the La Trobe Crisis Line on 1300 146 307 or text 0488 884 100 or Security on campus at 9479 2222.