We’re giving away AFL tickets to celebrate La Trobe’s teamwork with the Bendigo Pioneers

This season, Bendigo’s NAB League under-18s boys and girls’ teams are sporting a new name. Please welcome onto the field the La Trobe University Bendigo Pioneers!

And to celebrate, we’ve got AFL tickets to giveaway to regional students – but more on that at the end of the story.

The club’s new name further cements the University’s seven-year partnership with the club.

It’s a collaboration that sees exercise science students taking twice-weekly training sessions with the male and female players in the campus’ physio lab.

“We’re generally doing warm-ups, strength and conditioning work and working with the injured players,” says third-year student Nathan Fall.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with young elite athletes and the skills we’re acquiring with the Pioneers will help us in the future.”

Fellow student Sam Carracher says the sessions give them a chance to practice the skills they’re learning at uni, “and also pick up some new skills from the Pioneer coaches”.

Nathan and Sam, pictured here with Pioneers player James Schischka, will also be seen most game days volunteering, unless the competition clashes with their own footy commitments. Nathan plays for Marong while Sam suits up for Mount Pleasant.

Both students say once they finish studying they plan to work in elite sport and rehabilitation.

“It’s massively varied and there are heaps of opportunities,” Nathan says of their career prospects.

Head of Campus Rob Stephenson says partnerships like this have many benefits for students.

“Not only are students exposed to new professional networks and meaningful work, they often receive job offers straight after – or, in some cases, even prior to – graduation.”

Now, for the freebies: We have one double-pass up for grabs at all four of La Trobe’s regional campuses – Bendigo, Shepparton, Mildura and Albury-Wondonga – to any match at the MCG in the 2019 home-and-away season (entry subject to capacity).

All you’ve got to do to win the double pass is send video of you saying, “Go Pioneers!” via a direct message to the MyLaTrobe Instagram account. Make sure you select the option for the video to remain in the chat and to tell us what campus you study at, too.

A winner for each campus will be randomly drawn on Monday, April 15th.

Read the terms and conditions here.