That’s what SHE said blog – Welcome Back!

Hi, I’m Mel, author of the ‘That’s what SHE said’ blog and a student just like you.  I am excited to be one subject away from completing my Health Sciences degree before applying for a Masters in Speech Pathology.  As an Intern for the college of SHE and a Peer Learning Advisor, I am passionate about sharing ideas and highlighting the university services available to you in order to make Uni life just a little easier.  I am a mum, whisky lover, jazz singer and baking enthusiast… I think I dance better than I do… but what I do well is share information about Uni life to help other students flourish. 

Ah, the vibe is back in the Agora, everyone lining up for their morning coffee… but I am still looking forward to seeing the student still in PJ’s running late for week 1 classes… hopefully that’s not you. I know I am a nerd (nerds are awesome by the way), but I’ve missed this.

I have chatted to a lot of students over the last few weeks, some of whom are new to La Trobe and have been enjoying Orientation and others who are current students who have used the semester break to work a lot more – ka ching!

There was a theme, however, that was common between both new and returning students. We are all feeling a little apprehensive about getting started and the pressure that the next 12 weeks can bring. The first few weeks are a little bit like the ‘lull before the storm’. So, lets get off on the right foot! Here are a few tips from one student to another about starting the semester well:

  1. Do your online content and go to class – I mean we are paying good money for these services, so why not?
  2. Say hi to your teachers – they actually like students engaging with them and asking questions. Building a bit of rapport here is great for when you might need an extra bit of help.
  3. Add your essays to your wall planner or diary so you know when things are due (both are free from the LTSU if you need one)
  4. Make sure you are leaving plenty of time for study, work and fun – you might need to remind your boss that Uni is back and so that extra shift might clash with classes

This one is a big one… Help is always here and ask for it early – don’t leave it until you are looking like our friend here. There is loads of free help around campus:

  • The Learning Hub – where you can get academic support, exam tips, academic English support, referencing and research help.
  • Health and Wellbeing – Wow! What a list of support they provide – check out their link so you know what is available.
  • Career Ready – this supports you in your development of skills that employers are looking for when you graduate. This is worth checking out early on so you can build your skills and resources.
  • ASK La Trobe for everything uni related – ASK is like the triage at a hospital. They know where to direct you, or will find out for you, so ask here first and get your questions answered.

Have a great first week back!