Volunteer at La Trobe in 2021

Did 2020 leave you feeling a bit glum? Don’t despair – we’re hoping 2021 is going to bring the pep back in your step.

Through the Emerging Leaders Platform, you can browse various student volunteering opportunities.

You’ll make great friends, build up that resume, and of course, have fun!

Here’s a few that are recruiting right now across all campuses:

La Trobe Host Program

The La Trobe Host program is all about welcoming new students into our communities. You’ll get trained on how to give campus tours, run icebreakers with new students, and assist in Welcome Zones. Plus… there’s a free t-shirt involved… ummm YES!

Student Partners

Our Student Partners Program is getting a make-over in 2021. At each campus students will be running ‘learning communities’ where they’ll work with academic staff and fellow students to design and run workshops for other students. Fancy yourself a future TED talk speaker? This one is for you.

Student Advisory Groups

You got opinions!? Who doesn’t! Consider joining one our college-level or school-level student advisory groups in 2021. You’ll meet with staff leaders to discuss how to improve the student experience. 

All of this and more is available on the Emerging Leaders Platform

Apply now! Don’t miss out!