V Grade Academic Recovery and Support

Our commitment to supporting your academic progress

Due to the continuation of the V grade this year, we want to ensure we provide appropriate support to our students who receive a V grade to enable the best opportunity for future academic success.

Our focus is on providing students who receive a V grade with support and resources, which we will deliver via the new V Grade Academic Recovery and Support Program.

This new V Grade Academic Recovery and Support Program will apply to all subjects within Progression Period 2, 2021 (including Semester 2 and any non-standard teaching periods that conclude before 30 November 2021) as well as all V grades that have been received since the implementation of the alternate grading system.

We are committed to supporting students who have struggled with their academic success over the last two years to empower them to recommence studies in 2022 in a more confident and successful manner.

Importantly, we want to help our students get back on track in order to avoid formal Unsatisfactory Academic Progress in the 2022 academic year.

About the V Grade Academic Recovery and Support Program

The V Grade Academic Recovery and Support Program features two categories of support for students:

  • Category 1:
  • Category 2
    • Students who receive multiple V grades across many progression periods and/or;
    • Students who had a pending exclusion (i.e. must pass or be excluded) pre-2020.

Following the release of Progression Period 2 results, all students who have received one or more V grades will be contacted via email to highlight the support and resources available and outline any steps that they need to take.

V Grade Academic Recovery and Support Program – Category 1

Category 1 students will be recommended to:

V Grade Academic Recovery and Support Program – Category 2

Category 2 students will be required to:

  • Attend a Back on Track workshop led by the Student Advising team. These academic recovery workshops will be offered online and face-to-face (pending COVID-19 restrictions).

Back on Track workshops will begin with a group session where students will be supported to identify the unique challenges that have impacted their ability to succeed, followed by breakout rooms where students will have one-on-one conversations with an Advisor to talk through their challenges and map out a plan of action to get back on track towards academic success.

If Category 2 students do not engage in the Back on Track workshop:

  • Any existing sanction (pre-2020) will remain on their student record, and if the sanction specified “must pass or all or be excluded”, students will be excluded in a future progression period if they receive Unsatisfactory Academic Progress. If they pass all enrolled subjects, existing sanctions will be expired.  

V grade refresher

The important notes and exceptions in the V grade refresher still apply.

Support in your studies

The Learning Hub is available to assist you with your studies, including assistance with academic writing, referencing, library research and more. The Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) are also available online for drop-in support.

We encourage you to speak with your academics if you’re experiencing any specific challenges relating to your subjects. They can give you advice about what help and options are available, including Special Consideration.

If you are considering reducing your study load (i.e. dropping a subject) before Census Date, we recommend reaching out to a specialist (i.e. Course Coordinator, Advisor or ASK La Trobe) to discuss your options and make the best decision for you.