Updated process for variation to enrolment

Sometimes there are cases where you will need assistance to enrol, and you won’t be able to self-enrol. That’s where the new Variation Request forms will help.

You should still attempt to self-enrol via StudentOnLine before you submit a Variation Request.

What’s different for you?

There are now two Variation Request forms, and your circumstance will determine which form to complete in your situation:

  • Variation Request – Exceptions (VRE), and;
  • Variation Request – Structure Amendment (VRSA).

The Variation Request forms replace the previous Variation of Enrolment form that you might have completed before.

If you need to complete a Variation Request, you can access a Variation Request form two ways:

  1. The Change Enrolment webpage, or;
  2. The button at the bottom of the Enrolment tab in StudentOnLine.

For information about which form to complete, visit the Change Enrolment webpage. Here you will find a helpful table that outlines the details of which form to complete, depending on the changes you’re requesting. 

Why we’ve made these changes?

We’ve made these changes to allow us to streamline the processing of Variation Requests.

The new forms have been updated to clarify the nature of your request and any information required from you for processing so it will reach a staff member quicker and allow us to assess and process efficiently in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about your enrolment, contact ASK La Trobe.