Update on Victoria’s easing of restrictions – 8 November

The Premier has announced further easing of public health restrictions, effective 11.59pm on Sunday 8 November.   

The requirement on Melbourne residents to stay within 25km of home is now lifted and there are no controls on movement between Melbourne and the rest of Victoria. 

In line with these announcements, all existing study from home arrangements will continue, except where hands-on skills-based learning is needed. Students will be contacted directly about these arrangements. 

If you are studying in Melbourne you should only come to campus if you are required to attend an approved on-campus activity (such as a practical class) or you have no study space options at home. Details of campus study spaces, including those on regional campuses, are available here.  The City Campus will remain closed until further notice. 

For further information please refer to the FAQs

Health and Wellbeing 

It is important to note that wearing a fitted face mask when outdoors is still required (unless a medical exemption applies). Standard public health arrangements, such as physical distancing and good hygiene, also still apply. 

Please be alert for COVID-19 symptoms and if you feel even slightly unwell with respiratory symptoms, immediately self-isolate and call the Department of Health and Human Services COVID hotline (1800 675 398) to find out how to get tested; then self-isolate and stay home until you receive the result.  If you are unwell, you must not come to campus or go to work.   

Under the workplace directions issued under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic), students and staff must notify their tertiary education provider if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and may have attended while infectious.  If you have been diagnosed or are have been informed you are a primary or secondary contact of someone who has please contact Spomenka Krizmanic the University’s Manager, Health Safety and Environment (9479 2186). 

The University has a range of services to help you if you are feeling anxious, worried or need some support.  Please connect with us.