Uni friends are friends for life: listen to Georgia and Kaity’s story on The Uni Podcast

When you one day graduate from La Trobe, you won’t just leave with a headful of knowledge and qualification to pursue a career in your chosen field.

You’ll also walk away with a network of friends, people you may well stay close with for the rest of your life.

That’s the experience of Georgia and Kaity, two Bendigo graduates who first met in the corridors of their on-campus accommodation seven years ago.

The pair both moved from other regional towns to study at La Trobe in Bendigo, and say they count themselves lucky to have found one another.

They are still housemates today.

In fact, they credit their friendship with helping keep them in Bendigo, where they’ve both started their careers: Kaity teaches at a local high school, while Georgia is the Residential Education Coordinator at La Trobe’s Accommodation Services.

You can listen to their story, as well as their advice for forging forever friendships at La Trobe, in the latest Extra episode of The Uni Podcast.

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