Top enquiries coming through ASK La Trobe – where else you can find answers to your questions

ASK La Trobe is experiencing a high volume of enquiries at the moment. If you’re having trouble getting through, you can try searching for answers via our Student FAQ site while you wait or register and attend the ASK La Trobe Drop In Session to chat to staff who will provide general help with accepting your offer, enrolment, timetables, student systems, or anything else to get started at La Trobe!

Here, we’ve included themes of your most frequently asked questions – please read on for links to more detailed information.

Enrolling in subjects

You can self-enrol into your subjects via StudentOnLine.

Here is the most searched info from our FAQs and the student website to help you out:

Waiting to hear back about your Variation of Enrolment (VoE)

We’re currently working through VoE applications. Keep an eye on your student email as we’ll contact you as soon as we’ve confirmed the outcome. We know it’s stressful, but don’t worry, we’ll confirm the outcome with you soon.

Timetable – Allocate+ class allocations full

Allocate+ Allocation Adjustment mode is now open. You can attempt to re-allocate your timetable. However, this depends on the number of spaces available in that class.

If your preferred time for a class is already full, read our information on swaps and waitlisting.

Here is the most searched info from our FAQs and the student website to help you out:

Choosing your major or changing your major in StudentOnLine

To find out what the possible majors and minors are for your course, and for the credit point requirements, have a look through the University Handbook for detailed information.

If you need assistance to choose your major, you can check out the following step-by-step guide: How to choose your major.

Student ID cards

Your student ID card is used in the library, for printing and photocopying, for building access and as ID during exams.

Please follow the steps on how to order and collect your student ID card.