Some subjects are switching to online delivery for flexibility and COVID safety

This message was emailed to all on-campus students on 16 February 2022.

As outlined in our recent Update on return to campus and Semester 1, we have reviewed all subjects and learning activities to provide you with greater flexibility in your studies and ensure the highest possible degree of COVID safety. Consequently, Semester 1 lectures will be delivered online and we have identified an additional 91 subjects where some face-to-face classes will now be delivered online  – see the list of subjects with class options switching to online delivery.

If you are in affected classes, you will receive a notification from Allocate+ about the change to online delivery. You may also receive an update in the LMS. You don’t need to take any action, the change to your timetable will occur automatically. If you have a preference for participating in face-to-face classes, you are welcome to check Allocate+ to see if there are on-campus options available for your subject. Alternatively, if you are in face-to-face classes but would prefer to switch to online options instead, now is a good time to review the timetable and revise your allocations before Semester 1 classes start on 28 February. 

Note that some on-campus learning activities will also have unscheduled online alternatives which will run in parallel with face-to-face activities. These unscheduled alternatives are not visible in Allocate+. Instead, information will be available on your subject sites in the LMS, so please check these sites for updates. 

We wish you all the best with your studies for 2022 and hope to see you on campus on 23 February at our Welcome Festival for first year students, or 2 March at our Welcome Back Festival for continuing students.

Get ready for Semester 1

Note that to attend campus you need to follow our COVID safety requirements, including: