Time to unwind with lunchtime chill program for regional students

If there’s one thing those of us at a regional campus know how to do better than most, it’s how to relax – even in the strange times we’re living in.

La Trobe’s Student Success team want regional students to lean into that laid back attitude this week with a series of events designed to help you find some peace and quiet.

Check out the program below, and make sure to register for some or all of the sessions at this Eventbrite link.

What is Resilience?

Monday 21 September, 1.00–2.00pm

Resilience is the ability to overcome difficult circumstances, and COVID-19 has definitely presented some of those. This session we look at some practical exercises to help you develop your represented silience skills to help you through challenging periods, as well as highlighting our Wellbeing support services to help you succeed at Uni!

Lunch with your pet #petsoflatrobe

Tuesday 22 September, 12.30–1.30pm

Science tells us that playing with your pet boosts happiness! So give your wellbeing a shot in the arm by spending lunchtime with your pet and meeting other students’ pets online. Grab something to eat and your wrangle furry friend, join the Zoom call and listen to stories about how pets have been a source of happiness during COVID-19.

8 ways you can manage stress, anxiety and grief during COVID-19

Wednesday 23 September, 1.00-2.00pm

We know a lot about stress and anxiety, but do you know about grief? It’s particularly relevant during a pandemic; many of us may be grieving the loss of our normal lives and our connection with other people, and it gives us the lingering sense that there is more hardship to come.

This session takes a closer look at stress, anxiety and grief and then gives some practical tips we start practicing today to stop ourselves feeling overwhelmed.

Relaxation and meditation session

Thursday 24 September, 1.30–2.00pm

Take a break and unwind with an online relaxation and meditation session!

It’s hard not to feel at least a little weary and anxious at the moment: we’re spending lots of time in our homes, the news can be distressing, and lock-down seems to be never-ending.

The Student Wellbeing team want to give the you an opportunity to unwind during the working week. Find a comfortable spot where you can sit quietly and learn how to use breathe to relax and be guided through a whole-body-mindedness session to increase your focus and improve your mood for the rest of the day.