These LinkedIn Learning “playlists” will have you well on the way to a Career Ready Advantage Award

Did you know that as a La Trobe student, you have complimentary access to LinkedIn Learning?

That’s a whole world of knowledge at your fingertips – knowledge that we think will put you in good stead for whatever career you strive to have.

Even better news: you don’t have nothing to show for completing a LinkedIn Learning course.

In fact, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of each course, and those certificates can then be used as evidence towards La Trobe’s Career Ready Advantage silver, gold and platinum awards!

As you can see in the table below, finish just four LinkedIn Learning courses, and you’ve already completed one-third of the silver award criteria.

ActivitySilver AwardGold AwardPlatinum Award
Professional Learning4 x La Trobe and/or LinkedIn Learning courses8 x La Trobe and/or LinkedIn Learning courses12 x La Trobe and/or LinkedIn learning courses

Easy, right?

But to make things even more of a cinch, La Trobe has curated some LinkedIn Learning “playlists” for you. Nail these and you’ll soon earn your Career Ready chops!

Communication and Literacy

Digital literacy
Cultural intelligence and global mindset
Communicating and influencing

Personal and Professional Skills

Leadership and teamwork
Adaptability and self-management

Inquiry and Analysis

Creativity and problem-solving
Research and evidence-based inquiry

PS. You might’ve previously been familiar with That service was bought out by LinkedIn a while back and has this month been brought under the LinkedIn Learning umbrella.

Any courses you already had underway should’ve travelled across to LinkedIn Learning.