Summer subject in the Philippines to focus on women’s sexual and reproductive rights

Summer subject in the Philippines to focus on women’s sexual and reproductive rights

Fancy heading outside the classroom to collect some credit points this summer?

This multidisciplinary subject in the Philippines from 1 February – 15 February could be the opportunity you’re looking for.

It’s an important topic too: students enrolled in this subject will head to the south-east Asian archipelago nation to develop an understanding of its women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. 

You’ll have contact with a range of health, community and legal organisations to foster knowledge of health rights and advocacy in national and international contexts. 

The good news is, this subject is open to all undergraduate students, especially those with a focus on: Gender Studies; Public Health, Health Science; Nursing/Midwifery; Community Services; and Law or Legal Studies.

For law students, the subject counts as an elective to your law degree! For all other students, please check with your course advisors about what credit can be awarded.

This is one of the more affordable Study Abroad opportunities, with the tour fee just $2000. That covers:

  • Study tour accommodation
  • Some meals and advertised tour activities
  • Local transport in Manila for excursions

Return airfares will cost about another $900.

Please note that the above fees and costs do not cover breakfasts and dinners, or visas. There’s also a subject enrolment fee too (which will be treated like all other subject fees – added to your HECS loan, paid in full by international students, etc).

To apply, submit a 200-word (max) statement indicating why you want to go on this trip.

For more information, or to request an application form, contact Associate Professor Kerstin Steiner on

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