Studying remotely? Here’s four ways you can still access La Trobe’s academic support services

As digital technology continues to improve, more and more people are completing their university degrees from their own homes.

Studying online is really convenient for people with family and work commitments, or for those who live in remote areas.

But what about the academic support services that students who are not physically on campus can access in person?

Never fear: there are several ways La Trobe students studying from home can reach out for help online.

Connect with your peers

You might be alone in your loungeroom (and in your pyjamas), but chances are there’s dozens – if not hundreds – of classmates in the same situation who you can turn to for peer support.

All the Peer Learning Advisers we asked about tips for studying off-campus implored students to use their LMS forums – being out of a classroom doesn’t mean not interacting with other students.

Post your questions and ask for feedback. Not only will you be helping yourself, but it’ll be useful for other students who have the same doubts.

Learning Hub and Achieve@Uni online modules

Need an introduction to academic skills? Want a refresher on how to get the most out of your library? Could you benefit from a course in delivering a great oral presentation?

There’s a couple of places to find useful resources on the La Trobe University network.

Firstly, you can visit the Learning Hub page on your LMS where you’ll find icons for study skills, library skills, academic writing and digital literacy.

Also, the Achieve@uni page is another must visit.

There you’ll find several learning modules, which include easy-to-read information and even some videos about different areas of academic study.

Often there’s school- or department-specific tips too.


Never heard of Studiosity? Commit the name to memory immediately and learn where to find it on your LMS.

It’s best described as some sort of academic support wizardry, because any time between 3pm and 12am, Sunday through to Thursday, there’s someone waiting to answer your study questions via online chat.

You can even submit written assignments for feedback on language, grammar and structure (but not on content – that’d be magic).

Ask questions and request feedback from peers. We’re sure it’ll help you – and other people with the same doubts.

Zoom a Peer Learning Adviser in the Maths Hub

Are you a maths student enrolled at our Shepparton, Mildura or Albury-Wodonga campuses?

Because there’s no physical Maths Hub at these campuses, you can arrange an online help session with a Peer Learning Advisor.

These high-performing students can talk over areas you’re struggling with. You can even share your computer screens so you each have a clear idea what the other person is talking about.

To book one of these sessions, you should email Deborah Jackson on