Study / Who do I contact? Teachers and subject coordinators roles explained.

You may have different questions and queries while studying. Your teacher and the subject coordinator will be your key point of contact on a day-to-day basis.

Staff are always keen to provide timely advice and support to you. We will make every effort to respond during working hours.

Before you reach out make sure you check staff contact hours, some staff work part-time and casual staff generally have specific days when they are available. Please keep this in mind when you reach out for advice or support.

The table below outlines your key point of contact in while undertaking subject(s) of study.

When to ask your teacher about?

  • Learning resources
  • Clarity on assessment task
  • Assessment expectations
  • Marking criteria
  • Feedback on assessments
  • Tutorial discussions

What to ask your subject coordinator about?

  • Quality of teaching by the teacher(s)
  • Remarking of assessment
  • Seeking extension on assessment submission
  • Plagiarism and any misconduct
  • Feedback and complaints about the subject
  • Quality of LMS site

Any other questions?

Please check the ASK La Trobe online FAQs for more information and that will be able to assist you.