So, you got a V grade: what does it mean and what happens next?

Did you get your Semester 1 results last week and find you’d received a V grade for one or more of your subjects?

The V grade result is a new grade introduced last semester after the COVID-19 outbreak forced La Trobe to move its classes online.

Let’s break down what a V-grade means.

What is a V grade?  

If you failed to successfully complete a a subject in Semester 1, 2020, La Trobe will not record a fail grade on your transcript.

Instead of a fail grade, you will receive a ‘V – No result recorded due to extenuating circumstances’ for that subject.

La Trobe introduced the V-grade because it understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has had extraordinary impacts on our students who should not be penalised because the current circumstances have affected their studies.

Will my WAM be affected?

Your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) will not be affected if you receive a V grade result. It will be calculated as if you didn’t enrol in this subject.

What are the financial implications?

There is no automatic remission of debt for subjects that receive a fail or ‘V’.

That means you’ll still accrue the cost of the failed subject, as well as the fees for the subject you’ll need to complete to make up for the lost credit points.

How do I get my course back on track?

If the subject is a pre-requisite for another subject, you will still need to pass it before being able to progress to the follow-on subject (i.e. you will need to repeat it if you do not pass).

If it’s an elective, you might choose to complete the same subject again or another subject worth the same amount of credit points.  

What happens next? 

To help you achieve your best, both academically and personally, we have a number of support services available. To make sure you know about the services that are right for you and your situation, you’ll receive a phone call from our Student Success team to talk about how we can best support you at this time.   

We can refer you to services like:  

Please also check out the Academic Recovery LMS page for tips on how to achieve academic success and reach your full potential during your time at La Trobe. You can register to attend a virtual La Trobe Academic Recovery Workshop via the LMS page. There are several sessions to choose from throughout July and August.