Set your 2022 academic goals in motion with the Learning Hub

Set your 2022 academic goals in motion with the Learning Hub – Workshops, consultations and more! Orientation is the perfect time to get One Step Ahead in your studies with the Learning Hub’s practical academic skills crash course. We’re offering flexible on-demand sessions, so you can brush up on your study skills at a time that suits you. Or, register to join the live Zoom sessions and have all your burning questions answered by our expert team.

For even more help with study skills and adapting to uni life, browse our full program of Orientation workshops – there’s something for everyone!

Peer Learning Advisors and staff appointments

Once the semester has started, why not drop-in online for a one-to-one chat with a Peer Learning Advisor? Peer Learning Advisors (or PLAs as they’re known around campus) are high-achieving students who’ve been specially trained to help you with assessments and study. And, because PLAs are students too, you’ll connect with someone who understands your experiences! Visit the Learning Hub LMS to see available drop-in times.

For help from staff, including assistance with academic English, make a booking to see one of our friendly and knowledgeable Academic and Language Skills Advisors. Book now, and get a head start for this semester.

Other Learning Hub resources  

  • View the Achieve@Uni online study resources (including sample assignments!)
  • Get free constructive academic writing feedback on your written assessments from expert tutors at Studiosity.