Semester 2 and Term 5 assessment period – what you need to know!

The Term 5 and Semester 2 assessment timetables are now available to view and download. As for Semester 1, due to COVID-19 the Term 5 and Semester 2 exam periods this year will take place as online assessment tasks instead of face-to-face exams.

The upcoming online assessment periods are:

  • Term 5Tuesday 20 October to Friday 30 October 2020
  • Semester 2Wednesday 21 October to Wednesday 4 November 2020

Please note that some assessment tasks are scheduled on a Saturday.

If you live near one of our regional campuses and are not able to complete your exams at home, you can view the current list of available study areas to use on campus. Metropolitan Melbourne students are only permitted to come onto campus when instructed or permitted to do so.

How do online assessments work?

The full details of your assessment task will be available in your subject LMS site. There, you will find specific instructions from your subject coordinator and an indication of how long the task should take you to complete. These details of your assessment task will appear in your subject LMS site soon – so keep an eye out.

For Semester 2/Term 5, times listed for your assessment tasks will be Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT – GMT/UTC +11)

There are two different types of online assessment tasks:

1. Assessments with a set time to complete – these tasks have a specific beginning and end time

– Carefully check the details of your scheduled assessment task date and its start and finish time.
– Make sure you allow yourself enough time to complete the task before the end of the allocated time.

2. Assessments with a window of time to complete – these tasks can be completed any time over a set time period as specified for each assessment task

– Can be completed at any time throughout the specified window.
– An example of a window of time in which you can complete the task could be 12 or 24 hours.
– You’re not expected to use the entire window of time to complete the task and you shouldn’t feel like you need to write more in order to use up the time frame.
– Your subject coordinator will let you know a suggested writing time via your subject LMS site which should give you an indication of how long it will take to complete the assessment task.

Alternative assessment arrangements (Alternative exam arrangement or AEA)

If you have a Learning Access Plan (LAP), the normal arrangements will apply. Your subject coordinator will make sure you’re allowed the provisions stated in your LAP for each appropriate assessment task. Requests must be organised a minimum of 2 weeks before the Assessment period starts. Please contact Equity and Diversity if you have any questions about your LAP or you need further assistance with your studies.

For specific non-medical alternative assessment arrangements, please visit the AEA website to check your eligibility and submit a request if you’re eligible.

Special consideration

If you’re not able to complete an assessment task due to serious illness, emotional disturbance or misadventure, please let your subject coordinator know as soon as possible. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for special consideration within 5 working days (inclusive) of the task. You must submit relevant supporting documentation with your application for it to be processed. Failure to complete an assessment task by misreading the timetable is not a sufficient reason to apply for special consideration.

Need help?

Assessment questions?
For more information about your assessment task please speak to your subject coordinator.
System questions or issues?
For technical, LMS or system support or issues please contact Student IT Support.