Semester 1 timetable Allocation Adjustment mode

Allocation Adjustment Mode for your Semester 1, 2023 timetable opens at 10:30am on Wednesday 8 February.

What can I do during Allocation Adjustment Mode?

Log in to Allocate+ (make sure it’s the 2023 version) at the times listed below to see each subject’s allocations. You can: 

  • adjust your allocated times if space in another class time is available 
  • put yourself on a waitlist to swap to a currently full class time.

How do I allocate or waitlist?

See our online Guide to Allocation Adjustment Mode to watch a helpful video and for more information on how to allocate yourselfwaitlist for full classes, manage clashed classes and deal with other common issues. 

Note: student timetable allocations for 2nd and 3rd year Nursing and Midwifery students and for Allied Health students based in clinical schools are managed by the Schools.

Need more help?

Browse our Timetable FAQs for more detailed information and instructions on how to navigate Allocate+.