Semester 1 Preference Entry Mode in Allocate+ opens on 18 January

Preference Entry Mode will be open in Allocate+ for Semester 1, 2022 timetable preferences from 18 January until 28 January.  

The timetable will then be closed until it reopens in Allocation Adjustment Mode on 1 February, at times staggered by the school each subject belongs to. Keep an eye on our timetable dates page for updates on these opening times.

Before you can choose your preferences, make sure you’re enrolled in your 2022 subjects

Need help enrolling? See our video or step-by-step guide for detailed instructions on how to enrol via StudentOnLine.

You can also see the steps for enrolling in electives and troubleshoot any enrolment issues using the Can’t enrol in StudentOnLine guided assist.

After you’ve enrolled, you may need to wait an hour or so for your newly enrolled subjects to show up in Allocate+, so try again later if you can’t see them straight away.

Do you receive government benefits? You must update Services Australia (also known as Centrelink) of any changes to your study load (e.g. changing from a full-time load to part-time) as soon as possible. You can read our FAQ for more detailed info.

Choosing your preferences in Allocate+

You can log into Allocate+ any time between 18 January and 28 January and nominate your class time preferences.

Preference Entry Mode is not first in first served, so you’ll have the same chance of being allocated into your preferred classes as anybody else. This also means that the system can’t guarantee that you will get your highest preference.

Need help? Check out our Guide to Preference Entry mode for more detailed instructions and a step-by-step video on how Preference Entry mode works.