Scholarships for current La Trobe students

Scholarships for current La Trobe students

These scholarships are up for grabs for current La Trobe students, but the clock is ticking…

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re not worthy for these scholarships, either. There’s no harm in submitting your name for consideration.

All La Trobe’s scholarships can be found here, so make sure you bookmark the link and check in now and then to see if any new scholarships have popped up.

The below list of scholarships are available to current La Trobe students. Visit the La Trobe scholarships website to see if you’re eligible.

Accommodation  Services Access Scholarship – Returning resident
Accommodation Excellence Scholarship – Returning resident
Carol Friday Scholarship
Employment Grant ASSC
Employment Grant SHE
Equipment Bursary
Greg Ellis Memorial Bursary
Honours Year Grants
Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships (I-CAS)
Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship (I-CECS)
Indigenous Education Bursary
JRV Anderson Scholarship
La Trobe Indigenous Student Scholarships
Mildura Chances Scholarship
Mildura Returned Services League (RSL) Scholarship
Milton Whiting Scholarship
Nature Advisory Botanical Scholarship
Patterdale Bursaries
Pearl of Hope Bursary
Ramsay Health Nursing Scholarship (Mildura)
Regional Women in Leadership Bursary
Sylvia Walton Honours Scholarship
TechnologyOne High Performance Sport Scholarship
La Trobe (Cunyu) Agricultural Sciences Honours Scholarships
La Trobe (Cunyu) Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate scholarship for current students
Tracey Banivanua Mar Scholarship

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