Respect at La Trobe Action Plan Consultation

The below message was emailed to all La Trobe students on 28 September 2022

Trigger warning: this message includes references to sexual harm (sexual harassment and sexual assault)

La Trobe University is deeply committed to fostering a work, study, research and living environment free from sexual harm, heterosexism, discrimination and gender-based violence.

La Trobe University has significantly invested in preventing and responding to sexual harm. A key initiative was launching the Safer Community (previously Speak Up) program in 2017 to provide free and confidential support for students who have experienced sexual harm. In 2021, we established the Strategy, Prevention and Education team to oversee the University’s prevention and training programs.

Early this year, the Social Research Centre at the Australian National University released the results of the National Student Safety Survey (NSSS), the second national survey into sexual harm in the tertiary sector. While the findings make for uncomfortable reading, it provides us with important insight into the experiences of our students and an opportunity to reconsider what more we can do as an institution to prevent and better respond to sexual harm.

The University formed the Respect at La Trobe Taskforce to provide strategic direction for the University’s prevention and response initiatives and to support the development of a revised Action Plan to guide our efforts.

I would like to invite all students to now consider the draft Respect at La Trobe Action Plan 2023-2026 and provide feedback. The consultation period opens on 28 September 2022 and closes on 12 October 2022. You can provide feedback by emailing

Support Information

If you or someone you know, have experienced sexual harm, our University has a range of support and services available: