Research Week 2019: Watch our Impact Minute videos to learn about La Trobe’s research!

La Trobe Research Week runs from 9-13 September 2019 and MyLaTrobe has put together some videos to introduce you to some La Trobe research that is having a major impact.

Join us as we celebrate and showcase our research excellence with the La Trobe community. Research Week provides the opportunity to network, connect, build new collaborations and learn about our research. Everyone is welcome to participate in Research Week activities.

Check out the list of Research Week events on our website and register today.

Dr Josephine Barbaro on the early detection of autism
Professor Leeanne Carey, Helping stroke patients regain a sense of touch
Dr Christopher Fisher, Australian Research Centre in Sex.
Dr Jennie Pryce on genetic improvements in dairy cattle
Dr Jillian Garvey on how people first inhabited the Murray River valley
Dr Stephen Morey is preserving lost languages.
Professor Mike Clarke on the environmental impact of fire