Register for the La Trobe Career Ready Industry Mentoring Program

Are you looking to map your careerexpand your professional network and gain a competitive edge when applying for jobs?

The La Trobe Career Ready Industry Mentoring Program is currently inviting motivated students to register to engage with an industry based mentor for the upcoming round starting early May*.

Open to all current students, and supported by La Trobe University staff, Industry Mentoring is a flexible program over 12 weeks that you and your mentor tailor to your career aspirations and personal development.

What can you gain from the Industry Mentoring Program?

  • Career guidance and advice from an industry professional
  • Connect with industry and expand your professional network
  • Develop confidence communicating with industry professionals
  • Help map career progression
  • Take part in professional development opportunities
  • Open up further professional opportunities
  • Counts towards the Career Ready Advantage Award

Learn more about the Industry Mentoring Program here.

To be considered for the May Mentoring Round, you must register here ASAP and no later than Monday 6 May.

Aidan’s Story

Aidan has just started his 2nd year in a Double Bachelor of Commerce & Science, and he chose to get involved in the Industry Mentoring Program during his first year. Aidan has shared some of his experiences and thoughts with us on his time in the program, and how it has helped set him up as he progresses through his degree at La Trobe.

What made you decide to get involved with Industry Mentoring (IM) when you did?

I got involved with the IM program in first year because I thought it would be a great way to gain some practical experience and develop a better understanding of modern workplaces. It also would allow me to start growing my network as I go through my degree. For me, I know this will be really helpful and will help give strong engagement experience with industry by the time I graduate.

How did you find the structure of the program?

IM is flexible. My mentor and I worked out an arrangement that worked for us both in terms of how often we communicated and where we met. We were able to make it our own and it meant I got the opportunity to see his workplace.

What’s an example of the experiences you had through the program?

I had some great experiences through IR. My mentor gave me great insight in terms of what I can do throughout my degree to put myself in the best possible position for graduate positions. I was able to visit his workplace, sit in on meetings and meet his colleagues.

Have there been any ongoing benefits since you completed the program?

Even now that my formal IM connection is complete, we have kept in touch, and I have called upon my mentor for advice. Recently I was successful in obtaining an industry relevant part-time job while I’m studying at Uni. My mentor gave me good advice, and my time with him definitely helped to give me the perspective and experience to get this job!

Why do you recommend IM to other students at La Trobe?

I’d highly recommend getting involved in the program. You never know what doors it could open for you. Whether you’re just starting your degree or coming close to finishing it, I think it is something all students should take advantage of while they’re studying at La Trobe.

If you have any questions, please email La Trobe’s Industry Mentoring Coordinator at or phone 9479 4790.