Regional / MyLaTrobe has dropped a brand new podcast starring students from your regional campus

MyLaTrobe is delighted to launch The Uni Podcast – a brand new weekly student podcast featuring La Trobe students discussing all things University.

Our first two episodes are all about those exciting/terrifying first days on Campus – what to do (and what not to do) and where to go for help!

Listen now on iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud.

In Episode 1, our host Annabelle is joined by a panel of expert students: Sabrina, Melisa and Gian.

But that panel is made up of Melbourne students. So to make sure we don’t miss out at the regional campuses, there’ll be a follow-up every week recorded at one of our regional campuses!

This week, we’re on the ground in Bendigo, where we meet new students in their first few moments of University. MyLaTrobe asks them about their hopes, expectations and even their fears about study.

Hear international student Jack’s plan to come face-to-face with a kangaroo.

Listen as Connect volunteer talks about the great wellbeing services on offer at Bendigo.

And find out why Hannah came home to Bendigo for study.

Go and have a listen – and make sure you subscribe, rate and review!