Reduced SSAF for Semester 2

As most of our subjects are still being delivered online as we head into Semester 2, the university is reducing the Semester 2 Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) by half for all students.  

The SSAF is an important fee that funds crucial non-academic services and amenities for students across all our campuses. This includes services currently supporting students online, like student advocacy, wellbeing and support, and clubs and societies.  

 How much is the discounted Semester 2 fee?  

The reduced Semester 2 SSAF is now:  

  • $77 for a full-time study load (45 credit points or more during the semester) 
  • $57 for a part-time study load (less than 45 credit points during the semester) 

How do I pay the reduced amount? 

The way you pay the SSAF is different for domestic and international students: 

International students 

  • Your SSAF is bundled into your overall tuition fees. Because of this, you don’t need to make a Semester 2 payment. Instead, we’ll send you specific instructions on how to have the now reduced amount refunded back to you. Keep an eye on your student email as we’ll send these instructions in the coming weeks.  

Domestic students 

  • SSAF is paid each semester and is separate to your subject fees. Please visit the SSAF website for more details on how you can pay, or if eligible you may be able to defer your fee (SA-HELP assistance). 
  • If you’ve already paid the full Semester 2 fee – you’ll receive an email within the next week with step-by-step instructions on how to have the balance of the reduced amount refunded back to you. 

Why are we reducing SSAF by 75% overall in 2020?  

We understand that COVID-19 has had significant financial impacts on our students. Our decision to reduce SSAF by 75% in 2020 is an opportunity for us to ensure every student receives some form of financial relief during this challenging time. This reduction is also recognition that despite the fact that all our support services have transitioned to online, there have been a number of activities that we are not able to offer students while social distancing restricts on campus activity.  

La Trobe is one of the only Universities to refund and waive most of its SSAF for students in considering the difficult financial situations many of our student are facing. We would love to completely refund SSAF for 2020, but we need to fund essential services such as the University’s Student Associations, advocacy, learning support and counselling services that all continue to operate while students study remotely. 

What does the SSAF support?  

SSAF helps fund a range of essential non-academic services and amenities, including services such as counselling, learning support, careers and employability, sporting clubs and events that are coordinated by the University in addition to other essential services provided by our Student Associations including student clubs, advocacy, legal advice, financial counselling, food share on campus events and student representation.