Planning your career? Don’t miss this new subject commencing in Semester 2

Planning Your Career is a subject which gives you time and space to identify a range of options and strategies to develop your employability and identify potential career paths related to your degree.

Through the readings and activities, you will develop an understanding of the role the career planning process has in supporting you to navigate future career challenges, changes and opportunities. You will reflect on what you are currently doing and what is important to you.

The subject also focuses on where you might like to go in the future, and how some of the big issues such as decent work, the gig economy, robotics and artificial intelligence could influence the career decisions you make today and in the future.

LTU2PYC is an undergraduate 2nd year level subject available to students on all campuses. It is fully online, and each week includes a mix of readings, videos, and practical activities.

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