New school-level student advisory groups give you the power to shape your course

Do you have ideas or suggestions on how your course or student experience could be improved? Are you a leader who enjoys reflecting on what others have to say about their time at Uni?

Then you’re a perfect fit for a new opportunity at La Trobe. Apply now to become a student representative on your school-level advisory group!

What’s involved

  1. Listen to feedback from your peers.
  2. Report back about that feedback at meetings twice per semester, attended by other students and staff (note: if you cannot attend, you’ll be required to send through written feedback instead)
  3. Actively engage and support the improvement of the student experience and innovation in teaching and learning

If you are selected, you will serve a one-year term.

Benefits of becoming an adviser inclue:

  • Training on how a university operates and its strategic mission
  • Authentic real-world leadership experiences that can grow your skillset and employability
  • Ability to work closely with staff and peers to drive change
  • Credit towards the Emerging Leaders Program, under the category of ‘Partner’
  • Experience you can apply towards the Career Ready Advantage Award

You can apply via the Emerging Leaders portal, under the Partner category in ‘Select Your Programs’. Please make sure you select your correct college, either Arts, Social Sciences, and Commerce (ASSC) or Science, Health, and Engineering (SHE). Sign up by July 15th, 2020.