Neurodiversity Project Placements: Apply Now

Are you interested in securing a placement as part of your degree, to increase your job prospects after graduation? Or, do you have an interest in Neurodiversity and extra space for placement?

The Neurodiversity Project Placement is a new placement option for you created by La Trobe Industry Placements Minor and the La Trobe Neurodiversity Project launching in Semester 1 of 2023.

Situated on campus within the Neurodiversity Project at La Trobe University, this placement will offer you CV experience in neurodiversity advocacy and inclusion, an understanding of the neurodiversity movement in theory and in practice, as well as general professional skillsets.

If you want to complete the placement as part of the Industry Placements Minor, you will be eligible to complete specific placements off-campus with our Industry Partners, having gained the necessary skillsets.

How and when does it run?

  • This placement can be taken as a standalone elective subject (15 credit points) via LTU3IND, or as part of the Industry Placement Minor (4 subjects, total of 60 credit points)
  • Placement will occur during Semester 1 of 2023 (1 day per week).

How do I know if I am eligible?

  • You have a career goal, field of study or personal goal related to neurodiversity (i.e. learning how to self-advocate with ADHD).
  • You are in a field of study with high relevance to neurodiversity (i.e. your degree is in sociology, psychology, business, technology, law).
  • You completed your first year (120 credit points) in your degree by Semester 1 of 2023
  • You have at least one elective subject available to complete the Project Placement OR four elective subjects available to opt for the Industry Placement Minor
  • You identify as neurominority/neurodivergent (strongly encouraged)

What is the Industry Placements Minor?

  • If you complete the Neurodiversity Project Placement, you may decide to declare a minor in Industry Placements, which may help improve employability after graduation
  • The Industry Placements Minor offers you up to 400 hours of work-based-learning placement during your degree.
  • Your first placement on the Neurodiversity Project counts as your first subject towards your minor, in which you will have three remaining subjects to complete and 300 hours of placement.
  • If you take part in the Industry Placement Minor after completing the Neurodiversity Project Placement, you may be eligible to be matched with neurodiversity-friendly industry placement hosts who have an interest in supporting neurodiversity at work
  • If you are in this minor, you will graduate with extensive CV experience and professional networks that will likely increase your chances of employment beyond graduation

How do I apply?

  1. Download and read the Position Description and fill out the attached application form (including a series of prompts about what interests you about the placement)
  2. Send us an email at with the following attached:
    • An updated copy of your resume
    • An updated cover letter OR a 250-word statement outlining why you would like to complete this placement
    • Specify if you would like to do the placement elective (15 credit points, 100 hours) or the industry placements minor (60 credit points, up to 400 hrs)
    • A note specifying if you are interested in working with neurodiversity-friendly placement hosts after you finish your placement with us
  3. Email to

Final application deadline is Wednesday 1st February, 2023.

For more information please email the Neurodiversity Project Team.