Moat Festival 2021 – The Show Goes On

The Show Goes On – Moat Festival 2021

By Dan Hutchings

Moat Festival is back for another year!

After a challenging year, La Trobe Student Theatre and Film is back on their feet and putting on their first in-person theatre festival since Moat ended prematurely last year.

Moat Festival has been an integral part of campus life ever since the first festival in 1984. It has run each year in the first few weeks of Semester One, showcasing the many talents of La Trobe students and welcoming new students to the STF community. This year, more than 60 students, alumni, and staff are involved across six shows, proving it’ll take more than a pandemic to knock Student Theatre down.

Among the offerings: The Illusion, directed by Belinda Graham and Jessie Polites and initially intended for Moat 2020, is adapted from Pierre Corneille’s 17th Century play L’illusion Comique and promising a night of comedy, tragedy, and romance. Byron, written and directed by Fergus Black, an oddball exploration of the relationship between a man and a ferret. The Six Lines Showcase, a series of six-line plays written by STF members over the past year in lockdown, directed by a small team of first-time directors. The Wolf’s Already Here, devised and directed by Isabelle Piccolo-Cody and Cole McKenna, a site-specific exploration of the campus, and of the very concept of love. The Wretched 2025, written and directed by Scott Leopold, a darkly funny scrutiny of the intersection between the personal and the political, Finally, Cymbeline, an environmentally focused production of the lesser-known Shakespeare from La Trobe’s resident Shakespeare expert Rob Conkie.

Moat Festival will run from March 17-28, then again from April 13-24. For information on how to get tickets, head to or check out the Student Theatre & Film FB page (