Mindfulness for Men – The power of mindfulness and meditation

R U OK? day is here and we are reminded to reach out and to check-in on friends and loved ones. We are inspired and empowered to meaningfully connect with the people we surround ourselves with. 

Mental health and suicide prevention are priority areas for Australia and Victoria’s health plans. A recent study conducted by The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind centre forecasts a 13.7% increase in suicides over the next five years as a result of COVID-19, we think that’s pretty alarming.

As a group of second year Public Health students, we have worked in collaboration with LaTrobe’s Health and Wellbeing team and Public Health Student Association to bring you Mindfulness for Men. 

Whilst there are many initiatives and programs already in place to tackle men’s mental health, we believed in a different approach – developing personal skills. We believe developing skills in stress management and emotional awareness will improve the efficacy of pre-existing programs and initiatives. 

We understand lockdown is a challenging time for us all, some more than others. We also understand that men often have trouble reaching out or seeking help, more so than women. It can be easy to feel isolated, disconnected or to become wrapped up in our own emotions – especially during these stressful times of uncertainty. 

A study conducted in 2016 investigated the effects of mindfulness in young males (Barrett, C.J). The findings of this study showed a reduction in stress and improved emotional regulation in participants. Several noted that they felt they had more control over their impulses and negative mood states. However, there is no end to the potentials of mindfulness practice. Even NBA legend Michael Jordan practiced mindfulness.

So, why not empower yourself or someone you know and head on over to our webpage Mindfulness for Men, and uncover the power of mindfulness and meditation?

It is important to note that while for our project, we chose to focus on men’s mental health, the mindfulness information in this article and webpage can be used by all!