Mildura / Eryn used Unitemps to secure employment at uni. Be more like Eryn!

Available to all students across all campuses, the benefits of our Unitemps on-campus recruitment service are multiple:

  • It’s an avenue to earn money while studying, which means you can swap your baked bean dinners for something a little more substantial
  • You have the chance to develop career ready skills and gain practical experience in your field of study
  • The program offers highly flexible work structures, including casual, part-time, short-term and full-time roles, and
  • You’ll have a spruced-up, gap-free resume before you graduate, with clear evidence of experience and professional referees who can vouch for your capability.

Unitemps unlocks PLA experience

Second-year Nursing student Eryn Turlan secured work as a Peer Learning Advisor at the Mildura Campus by using the Unitemps recruitment platform.

Last semester she was working between two and four hours a week at La Trobe, which was supplemented other casual work off-campus.

Eryn says working on the campus she knows and loves is a delight.

“I like working on campus because it’s a good environment to work in, you’re surrounding by hardworking people who want the best out of their degree,” she says.

She’s also full of praise for the PLA program, saying students always have a place to come if they’ve got questions.

“[Questions] range from sentence structure to referencing – even just how to use the printer,” Eryn says.

“When you are having trouble, we’ll be able to help you with those issues.”

There was also training to make sure she and fellow PLAs were equipped to point others students in the right direction.

For more information about Unitemps, click here.

To learn about our PLAs, follow this link.