Melbourne / The quick guide to financial counselling

What is financial counselling?

Financial Counsellors are qualified professionals who provide free, non-judgmental, information, support and advocacy to people in financial difficulty. 

It’s different to Financial Advisors, who help people make investment decisions and charge a fee for service.

What do they provide?

  • Listen to the financial  issue and explain what options are available.
  • Information on consumer rights, resources and referrals.
  • Advocate to financial institutions regarding the debt: reduce/defer/waive payments with creditors, 
  • Assistance to access grants, scholarships or concessions, access to dispute resolution schemes.

What are the kind of problems students face?

The most common problem is insufficient income to cover expenses while studying: rent, utilities and transport can be a problem. Credit card debt and loans that can not be repaid are worrying. Trying to communicate with Centrelink can be difficult too. Emergencies occur, requiring some immediate aid, such as a food packs, or help with arranging emergency accommodation.

Best advice?

Plan ahead where possible, inform yourself of possible choices, and talk to someone before you react.

Why visit?

If we can discuss options early, we can prevent problems down the track. Learning together in the student workshop is fun, and can really help plan around difficulties and set some great goals for your financial future.

Would like to increase your budgeting skills?

If so, then La Trobe University Student Union invite you to participate in a FREE financial capability workshop in the library.

Where: La Trobe University, Library, Seminar room 1.34, Ground Floor.

When: Thursday 22nd August

Time: 2 – 4pm

Cost: FREE to La Trobe University students. Limited to 20 students.

Bookings Essential by 1st August. Contact LTSU on 9479 2314 or email to