Melbourne / The Co-Op to close on 22 November

The Co-Op is ceasing services to La Trobe University with the closure of their final store on the Bundoora campus on Friday 22 November.

Online shopping will remain accessible by visiting until a new supplier commences.

The Co-Op are offering discounts on all branded items.  Be sure to either visit in-store or snap up your branded items online while stocks last.

The University is in discussions with a new supplier to secure a solution ready for the new year.  Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information please contact Strategic Sourcing & Procurement via

What does this mean for regional students?

Regional students can continue to purchase all branded items (including branded uniforms for placements) from The Co-Op Bookshop until 22 November.  Further details will be provided closer to November on where to purchase your branded items after that date.

Visit their online store at to snap up discounted items while stocks last.


Q:  When will the Co-Op store at Bundoora Close?  

A:  Friday 22 November 2019.

Q:  Will there be a replacement bookshop at Bundoora campus?

A:  Yes.  The University is in discussions with a new supplier to secure a solution ready for the new year.  Further details will be announced soon.

Q:  I ordered an online item from the Co-Op and haven’t received it.  Who do I contact?

A:  Contact The Co-Op on 1300 617 181 or email:

Q:  How can I purchase textbooks; branded Uniforms or branded merchandise after the Co-Op close at Bundoora?

A:   Branded merchandise items are available online.  Visit to order your branded items.

Q:  Will postage delivery remain once the Co-Op store closes at Bundoora?

A:  Yes, there will be no changes to the delivery fee.  The postage fee is $7.95 if you are purchasing items from The Co‑Op for orders under $100.  All orders over $100 will be shipped to you free of charge.

Q:  Can I sell my old textbooks to the Co-Op?

A:  Yes – visit The Co-Op website –