LTSA Student Council Elections

LTSA Update:

We are excited to announce that the inaugural elections have officially been concluded. We have 67 new student representatives across all of our campuses. On the Bundoora Campus, we have 16. On Albury Wodonga, Bendigo and International we have 9 each. On the Mildura campus, we have 8 and we have 7 on the Shepparton campus.

For each of these councils, there are three executive positions; President, Vice President and General Secretary. These positions are filled based on an internal vote. Each council has the responsibility to determine which other portfolios they feel are needed to support their student cohorts. This may vary from campus to campus.  Each campus is unique, each campus has differing needs and each campus cohort has specific demands, hence why we allow each SC to determine what non-Executive SC portfolios are needed.

Each of our new Student Representatives is required to undertake a two-day induction training seminar, complete online training modules, attend meetings with AGMs and SGMs and help out at LTSA events and activities. You can find out who the new Student Council members are here.

We will be officially introducing them on our website soon. We thank all the students who took part in these inaugural elections and congratulate the new members. We’re looking forward to working with each and every one of you toward our common goal of making student life better.