LTSA News 20th Sept – Moat Festival 2022, WDP Scheme and Bendigo Listening Post

Student Theatre and Film – Moat Festival 2022 Submissions Open

Moat Festival is Student Theatre and Film’s annual theatre and arts festival. The 2022 Festival is set for March.

The festival is open to students, alumni, and other members of the La Trobe University to create, perform, and experience all types of performance and art. Moat Festival is the longest continuous running student theatre festival in Australia, running since 1984!

Student Theatre and Film is now accepting submissions for productions, events, and projects for Moat Festival 2022. These events and projects can be in-person, online, or a blend of the two! To apply for Moat Festival, head to

Have any questions about your application or Moat Festival in general? Please contact STF at to arrange a chat.

Applications close 11.59 Thursday 30 September.

Auditions for performers will be held in early October with rehearsals beginning in January or February 2022.

The Work and Development Permit Scheme

The WDP is a Fines Victoria initiative that allows eligible people to reduce or eliminate their unpaid fine debt by attending Financial Counselling sessions. If approved, every hour that you participate, reduces your fine debt.

What do I need to do?

  • Attend all scheduled sessions
  • Understand that if you do not attend the scheduled sessions Fines Victoria will cancel the WDP and you will be required to pay your fine

Who is eligible? Someone who is currently experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Acute financial hardship (including being a Centrelink recipient)
  • Homelessness
  • Family violence
  • Mental illness
  • Intellectual disability
  • Has an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or volatile substances

Who do I contact for more info?


Bendigo Student Council Listening Post

Join us online to chat with our Bendigo Student Council President and Committee members to have your say.

This is an informal event, offering students an open forum with the Bendigo SC President and Committee Members. If you would like to provide feedback in a confidential space, breakout rooms will also be available on the day.

Tell us what you want for your campus, your LTSA and your uni.

Post event; there will be written feedback that will be given directly to Deputy Vice Chancellor, so it’s a great chance for students to be heard. Door prizes will be given away on the day.