Lockdown diaries: A day in the life of a student in the lead-up to exams

Written by Vi Huynh, a Peer Learning Advisor (PLA) at La Trobe.

Ever feel like most days now are kind of the same? Unchanging, just going through the motions. Work, study, eat, sleep, repeat.

With several weeks of Semester 2 left, let’s take this moment to re-calibrate our time, energy, and efforts.

Here’s a snapshot of my experience as a student during COVID-19 lockdown leading up to SWOTVAC and exams. It might be super different or similar to yours. Either way, we are in this together!

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Here’s what my day might look like…

6am – Rise and shine! My morning routine

  • Nature walk – This starts my day off on a positive note. I love sunrises. The sight of them always leaves me awestruck. It reminds me that each day is brand new and unique, that there is an opportunity for growth.
  • Breakfast – Food is such an important fuel for the mind and body. I don’t concentrate well on an empty stomach.
  • Bible devotion & prayer – Faith plays a key role in my sense of purpose and values for each day.
A beautiful sunrise during one of my nature walks!


  • Study – I like to study for my university assessments in short high-power bursts, with breaks in between. It helps me to re-direct my focus for the next task.
  • Attend classes – Yes, you’ve guessed it. On Zoom. While online learning can be convenient, it can be exhausting – especially when you’re using technology for more than 6 hours a day on average. Taking breaks is so important!
  • Lunch – Need I say any more?
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  • Work out – Being indoors often has opened my mind to the idea of working out at home. It’s great to physically get away from the screen and promote body movement!
  • Study – In the late afternoon, I usually do some light study.
  • Dinner – I like to eat dinner pretty early, around 5 to 6pm.
  • Extracurricular activities – I love to be involved with other communities and stay connected with people in meaningful ways.
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9pm – Night routine

  • Leisure reading – Nothing like a good ol’ book to unwind.
  • Journaling – My reflections on what took place throughout the day: highlights, lowlights and what could be done better or differently.
  • Bible devotion & prayer – Coming back to my roots, spending time one-to-one with God.

10pm – Sweet dreams!

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That’s it from me, folks! Rinse and repeat (even on the weekends!) I try to avoid sleeping in and maintain a consistent sleeping schedule.

Remember, a day in SWOTVAC isn’t a day of cramming, but a day that forms part of a schedule or routine. Please take care of yourself during these times – ultimately, your health and wellbeing comes first.

Resources for exam-time

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Attend a Learning Hub Workshop: