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MyLaTrobe is delighted to launch The Uni Podcast – a brand new weekly student podcast featuring La Trobe students discussing Uni matters.

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This podcast is designed to help you out at Uni by providing tips, guidance and advice on getting the best results that you can and making the most of your time at Uni.  

Each episode of The Uni Podcast also includes a bonus Extra episode, featuring student voices from our regional campuses.

Episode Guide


Sabrina, Terry and Pooja talk exams in the final episode of The Uni Podcast. When should you arrive for your exam? What’s the best way to prepare? And what can you bring into the exam?

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episode 14: SWOT THE VAC IS THIS?

Sabrina, Terry and Pooja are back to talk SWOTVAC, what is it, how you should spend your week and tips for making the most of your study ahead of your exams. 

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episode 13: revision hacks

In this week’s episode host Sabrina is joined by Pooja and Terry (Sotiris) to talk about revision hacks ahead of exams, how much time you should spend studying and taking breaks when necessary.

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EPISODE 12: You’ve got your exam Timetable. Now What?

Annabelle, Durandara and Paige are back to discuss the exam timetable and how to approach it. Hear why it’s important to double check your timetable, tips to best prepare for exams and plan your study and why it’s good to form study groups.

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Students Annabelle, Durandara and Paige discuss their tactics for dealing with feedback from lecturers and tutors on assignments. What kind of feedback can you expect? How do you deal with negative or unfair feedback? How do you build resilience to cope with negative feedback?

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Annabelle and the team talk about tackling your final assignments, how to plan and how to stick the plan!

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Episode 9 extra: how Candice’s 10-year-old son led her back to uni

Nursing student Candice van Doren has a lot on her plate. Not only does she study full-time at our Mildura Campus; she also runs a local café with her partner while raising four children! So why juggle study with her work and life commitments? Candice tells us the powerful story of how her family’s contact with the healthcare sector has encouraged her pursue Nursing. She’s also got some advice for other mature-age students thinking about returning to University. 

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Episode 9: #lifegoals / What are your Uni and career goals?

Gian, Pooja and Paige talk discuss their goals for Uni and life. They talk about goal setting, what their study goals and career goals are. Having doubts and how to deal with them. How to access Career Ready and doing internships.

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They’re back! We first met Millie, Srishti and Haylee in Episode 6 Extra when they talked procrastination. This time, the topic is taming the beast better known as stress: what do you do when semester gets hectic, and where do you turn for help? Also what’s the right balance between Uni life and work/friends/family? 

Listen to Episode 8 Extra here on Spotify.

Episode 8: Self-care. Looking after yourself at Uni

Gian, Pooja and Paige talk about looking after your mental and physical health while at Uni including talking breaks, getting enough sleep and exercising. They also discuss making sure you have a social life, go to the movies and eat enough chocolate.

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EPISODE 7 EXTRA: The crazy busy lives of our clubs and societies

We’re celebrating in Bendigo this week to mark the 10th birthday of the Bendigo Oral Health and Dentistry Society (better known as BOHDS). President Margaret Tran and Vice-President Phillip Nguyen stop by to talk about the benefits of being involved in Campus life. They also share plans for the group’s big anniversary, and explain the tooth-themed pop song parodies that have made BOHDS an online sensation.

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EPISODE 7: Time Lord – Master of Procrastination

Gian, Pooja and Paige talk about procrastination and how to avoid it. From procrastinetflix to calling your mum to avoid getting started on your assessments, it’s a scourge. The team talk about their weakness for Instagram and social media in general and how to plan your study to avoid these temptations.

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EPISODE 6 EXTRA: How to turn off Netflix and get back to study, the Albury-Wodonga way

Cooking, cleaning and Grey’s Anatomy: that’s what Albury-Wodonga students Millie, Srishti and Haylee turn to when they just can’t face study. But they’ve all got their own tips on how to knuckle down when it really counts. These three first-year students also analyse why they procrastinate – and the results are insightful. Oh, and cuteness alert: we find out that students living in on-campus accommodation at Albury-Wodonga are proud parents to a rabbit named Benjamin!

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Annabelle, Dion and Seyed discuss Writing for Uni, what standard is required at a University, the writing process and editing your work and incorporating feedback.  

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episode 5 extra: University study tips from regional and international students at Shepparton

“I do have times where I feel like I’m juggling lots of balls, and sometimes I drop all the balls!” says Shepparton Social Work student Mariam Mgoter, proving that even Peer Learning Advisors get stressed sometimes. That’s why she says it’s important to look after yourself and put in place a plan for study success! Later in the ep, PLA Jasleen Kaur explains how study in Australia is different to back in India – and what happens when you’ve got to balance assignments with placements and exam preparation.

Listen to Episode 5 Extra here on Spotify.

EPISODE 5: How to Study. (And what’s The Deal With Census)

So studying is super important at University? You’ve got four subjects, lots of reading, assessments and exams where do I start? In this episode Annabelle talks to the team about how to plan for assessments and exams, where to find advice and assistance and how many hours a week should you be studying? Dion provides some nuggets of wisdom and Seyed proclaims his love for the Peer Learning Advisors (again).

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The team talk about the library – the centre of your UNI-verse. Listen to Annabelle give advice on how to stay off Stalkerspace for bad etiquette, Dion talk about how he spends more time in the library than his own home and Seyed express his love for the Peer Learning Advisors.

Listen to Episode 4 here on Spotify.

Episode 3: Making those forever friends

You hear stories about Uni friendships that have gone on to last a lifetime. Some friends meet on their first day on campus, but it’s not always so simple.

In this week’s episode of The Uni Podcast, four La Trobe students sit down to share tips and advice for getting to know new people, as well as a few stories of their own. 

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Episode 3 Extra: Bendigo graduates friends for life after meeting in their campus accommodation

Uni friends are friends for life. That’s the experience of Georgia and Kaity, two Bendigo graduates who first met in the corridors of their on-campus accommodation years ago. The pair are still housemates today. They talk to MyLaTrobe about making friends in the first few weeks of Semester, how to start that first awkward convo with your lecture neighbour and how mates help make Uni a better place to be.

Listen to Episode 3 (Extra) here on Spotify.

Episode 2: Why attending class is so important

Why bother going to class when lectures are online? What can you expect from lectures and tutorials? Does attendance really improve your grades? How do you meet people in class?

This week, La Trobe students reveal how to make the most of your classes. 

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Episode 2 (Extra): Shepparton PLAs on what to do – and what not to do – in the Uni classroom

We visit the Shepparton Campus to hear this semester’s crop of Peer Learning Advisors give their pointers for success inside the University classroom.

Kate, Jess and Mel talk attendance, note-taking and the dreaded ‘recommended reading’ list. Whose academics use horror stories from the Emergency Department? What really grinds Jess’ gears in a tutorial? Listen to find out!

Listen to Episode 2 (Extra) here on Spotify.

Episode 1: Your first week at Uni

In Episode 1, our host Annabelle is joined by Sabrina, Melisa and Gian to talk about that first week at Uni, getting settled and finding your way around Campus. 

In this episode, our students share what to do (and what not to do) in your first week at Uni, as well as tips and personal stories.

Listen to Episode 1 here on Spotify.

EPISODE 1 (EXTRA): Bendigo students on their first week on campus

In this Extra episode of The Uni Podcast, MyLaTrobe asks new students at Bendigo Campus about their hopes, expectations and even their fears about study.

Hear international student Jack’s plan to come face-to-face with a kangaroo. Listen as Connect volunteer talks about the great wellbeing services on offer at Bendigo. And find out why Hannah came home to Bendigo for study.

Listen to Episode 1 Extra here on Spotify.

About The Uni Podcast

The Uni Podcast is brought to you live from the student Media Hub at La Trobe University’s Melbourne Campus in Bundoora. Each episode of The Uni Podcast also includes a bonus Extra episode, recorded on location at our regional campuses.

Host: Annabelle Romano

Guests: Melisa Aksu, Sabrina Ranasinghe, Gian Ras, Dion Ellul, Seyed Mousavi, Paige van der Pol, Pooja Ganesh

Production team: Emel Berdiliek, Richard Turton, Brianna Young, Mark Kearney, Colum Coomey