La Trobe Lingo – words you need to know

“Meet me in the Agora,” your friend says.

‘What’s an Agora?’ you wonder.

There are SO many new words to get familiar with when you start Uni.

Our Stream creators break down a few key words you need to know.

Students from our Stream program take you through Uni terms including ‘Agora, ASSC, SHE, core subjects, elective subjects, ASK La Trobe, academic integrity and alumni’.

Pick up a free diary from the La Trobe Student Union for a full list of University terms and their descriptions.

Thank you to our Stream creators:

  • Joshua Johnstone
  • Lakshmi Ganapathy
  • Lewis Freeman
  • Shazma Gaffoor
  • Benjamin Santamaria
  • Cody Mathieson-Lowe